New Orleans Composer, Filmmaker, and Audio Engineer

Close your eyes and listen. What do you see?

Growing up in the sticks of Louisiana, I found not much to do but pick up a computer and teach myself music theory and audio engineering, which eventually led to teaching myself to play keys. In 2014, I moved to New Orleans to absorb myself in culture and to study the art of film. Today, I primarily compose music for film as well as working on film sets. Take a listen to the musical world according to my ears. I hope you enjoy.



1/2020 - Formless Joe, dir. Joey Harmon, UPM Max Fisk (SnuggleTV/Snuggly Dragon Entertainment)

2/2020 - All the Smoke, dir. Karim Massaquoi (No Fred Ren Productions)

3/2020 - Faulty Device, dir. Diego Castellanos

2019 - Deal Me In, dir. Jonathon Smith (svn.sxx)

2019 - Druggies, dir. Hannah Hall (Comfy Stone Film)

2018 - Pain, dir. Diego Castellanos

2017 - The Second Coming, dir. Will Van Hoof

Sound Mixer

6/2020 - High Ways, dir. Rachel Jacob (Comfy Stone Film)

5/2020 - Event 2030, dir. Samuel Ali

2019 - The Advocate, dir. Dyron Turner

2019 - Love Conquers, dir. Sheridan Phillips

2019 - Easy Out, dir. Georgi Hernandez (Trident Productions)

2018 - Call, dir. Diego Castellanos

2017 - George's Cats, dir. Christian Chestnut


2016 - A Little More Human

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