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New York Composer, Filmmaker, and Audio Engineer

Close your eyes and listen. What do you see?

"Jammin' Sam" Miller is an award winning composer, audio engineer, and producer based in New York, proficient in a wide variety of musical styles from across the world and all through time. I've spent over 10 years studying digital audio, music history, and theory of any and all musical styles I can get my ears on. I would describe my style as a colorful hybrid of acoustic instruments & organic synths, abstract sounds, deep bass vibrations, memorable melodies, emotional harmonies, and snappy rhythms. Listen, and enjoy.



10/2021 - Almost A Hero, dir. Diego Castellanos

10/2020 - War of the Worlds (Theater) Radio Production by Popup Entertainment

1/2020 - Formless Joe, dir. Joey Harmon, UPM Max Fisk (SnuggleTV/Snuggly Dragon Entertainment)

2/2020 - All the Smoke, dir. Karim Massaquoi (No Fred Ren Productions)

3/2020 - Faulty Device, dir. Diego Castellanos

2019 - Deal Me In, dir. Jonathon Smith (svn.sxx)

2019 - Druggies, dir. Hannah Hall (Comfy Stone Film)

2018 - Pain, dir. Diego Castellanos

2017 - The Second Coming, dir. Will Van Hoof

Sound Mixer

4/2021 - Not For Comedy dir. Aruba Sülzana

11/2020 - All of Me, Dir. Heather Fusari (Bad B. Films)

6/2020 - High Ways, dir. Rachel Jacob (Comfy Stone Film)

5/2020 - Event 2030, dir. Samuel Ali

2019 - The Advocate, dir. Dyron Turner

2019 - Love Conquers, dir. Sheridan Phillips

2019 - Easy Out, dir. Georgi Hernandez (Trident Productions)


2016 - A Little More Human

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